1. Investment/Financial Criteria

a. Property

i. Minimum property value €300.000 + VAT

ii.At least €200.000 of the property value + VAT shall be paid before filing the application

iii. Property must be new

b. Deposit in Bank Account

i. A minimum capital of €30.000 must be imported and deposited into a bank account in Cyprus for at least 3 years.

c. Income

i. The applicant should show an annual income of at least €30.000

ii. Plus €5.000 for each dependant person

iii. Plus €8.000 for each parent

2. Applicant’s family

a. The application covers the entire family i.e. spouse and children under the age of 18

b. Dependent children aged between 18 and 25

c. Parents of applicant and spouse

3. Qualitative Criteria

a. Clean criminal record for the applicant and his spouse

b. Statement that they do not intend to work in Cyprus

c. Must visit Cyprus at least once every two years

Submission and examination of an Application

a. Approval time less than 2 months

b. All applications are treated confidentially


Residency ( Ministry of Interior official link )